The Band

TOS was an alternative rock band comprised of five multi-talented young musicians from metro-west Boston. Formed in September 2015, TOS was fronted by lead vocalist and songwriter, Sophia Ward. The band performed all original songs, with Jackson Parker on lead guitar, Jonathan Sommer on rhythm guitar, Jae Mannion on bass and backup vocals, and Mitch Rolla on drums. Sophia is a prolific and sensitive writer with a uniquely killer voice, whose compositions come to full and breathtaking fruition in the collaborative hands of her talented band-mates. Their music is a sophisticated blend of up-tempo tunes, slow and beautiful ballads, and wry, clever commentaries on life. TOS songs convey a depth and breadth of feeling, perspective, and experience that transcend their years, and appeal to a wide demographic.

TOS quickly gained momentum, playing at venues such as The Regent Theatre and the Hard Rock Cafe. They placed third at Canobie Lake Park’s Battle of the Bands and performed at their Screeemfest in mid-October. They also placed second in the Grand Finale Showcase hosted by the Young Performers Club. Their debut album “Killer” was released on July 9th 2016.

With members of the band off to college in 2017, TOS rode off into the sunset.  It was fun while it lasted.